World in a Jar
oil on canvas
50x41 in

The painting contemplates life's imponderable questions while appreciating the great history of art and culture that tries to explain them. The imagery is formed of elements collected from the great cathedrals of Valetta, Malta and Lisbon, Portugal.

Brexit and other things
oil on cradled wood panel
30x24 in

The dragon-like creature bites his own behind while cannons fire vertically in the air. Where will the cannon balls land? An analogy for any number of situations both personal and political.

the victor writes history
diptych oil on cradled wood panels
2x 24x24 in

Graffiti from the 1700's was a surprising find on the neolithic sites of Malta, as was the more recent marker alterations of antique tiles on the streets of Lisbon. During my three month stay in the region countless examples of victors writing or re-writing history became evident, and were layered in the painting, and became a representation for the world wide phenomena.