Painting always begins as a dance with light, color, form and space. The painting comes to a conclusion when I can "breathe the air" in the new imagined space, and feel some of the vital energy of the original experience.

Projects in progress

New to my challenge list are smaller formats with more direct painting, and as always, new experiments in color and brushwork. 

Still Life and Landscape: After living in central New York for almost two decades, the bright sunlight in Florida is a new and welcome challenge. I am also exploring backlighting as the shade component of bright sunlight. It illuminates and softens the edges of solid objects and often renders their centers translucent.

People and Crowds: The beach and farmer's market are feasts of non-regular pattern and color. In groups, people are another element of pattern, but individually and in small groups I am fascinated by body language.

Animals and Birds: photos are essential to stop action, and they give me the opportunity to study detail that I would never see otherwise.